Olivier Ruellet is a multimedia artist, educator, researcher, urban wanderer, traveller, born in France in 1981. He lives and works between Paris and London, where he shares his time between lecturing in digital media at the University of West-London and his artistic and design practice.

After studying at the Higher National School of Applied Arts and Crafts (Olivier de Serres) in Paris, he graduated from the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2004, where he developed strong interests in visual music, information design, creative programming and psychogeography. He obtained an MA in Computer Arts from the London College of Music and Media in 2006.

Ruellet’s current creative practice focuses on the urban condition and the interplay of sound / vision / motion, through a cross-disciplinary approach blending drawing, experimental video/animation and computer art.


I am an artist concerned with the emotions brought about by travel, memories and the experience of places – particularly cities.
The first inspirational thing that comes to mind is train journeys; “they are the midwifes of thought”, wrote Alain de Botton. I am also inspired by the art of Edward Hopper, Giuseppe Penone, Norman McLaren. I often take an introspective stance to make excavations into childhood territory, best defined by the works of George Perec or Marcel Proust.

I work across a wide range of media (drawing, animation, video, installation, performance); helped by my initial training in art & design, I have progressively developed a more complete knowledge of various software solutions for real-time visualisation and interaction. I currently use a mixture of 3D computer animation, computational processes and physical computing, as well as more traditional pencil drawing.

My audiovisual work has long been driven by issues of interaction and interplay between sound / space / motion, and influenced by architecture, geometry and displacement. My recent work explores more intimate themes, based on a personal exploration of cognitive cartography and the imaginary of travel, tackling the subjects of perception of urban space and memories of places. Alongside some research on information visualisation and semantic spaces, I am interested in the tool of mapping as the vehicle of choice to capture – or excite – the wanderings of our minds, reveal our personal geographies or recreate inner journeys or ‘in-scapes’.

I am currently taking part in several projects of performances and installations, involving musicians, designers and sound artists, in which I intervene through the creation of generative visuals in real-time.

O.R., April 2010

Curriculum Vitae

Selected screenings / performances

  • 06 / 2010 Crippled Symmetry, Olympic Café (Paris)
  • 03 / 2010 NOISE=NOISE, The Foundry (London)
  • 12 / 2009 L U X project, Cultural Centre Jean Cocteau (Panazol, FR)
  • 04 / 2009 Frozen Music, Studio petaHertz (Montreuil, FR)
  • 03 / 2009 Frozen Music, Iniva (London)
  • 03 / 2009 Frozen Music, Watermans Art Centre (London)
  • 08 / 2008 Frozen Music, Cultural Centre Jean Cocteau (Panazol, FR)
  • 09 / 2007 Travel Patterns, Fe.V.E. (Marseille, FR)
  • 03 / 2007 RUA Jean Zay C99-02, Videoformes 2007 (Clermont-Ferrand, FR)
  • 10 / 2006 RUA Jean Zay C99-02, 312 Online (Corner Brook, CA)
  • 05 / 2006 RUA Jean Zay C99-02, Streaming Festival_ “Submarine channel” (Den Haag, NL)
  • 09 / 2005 RUA Jean Zay C99-02, 7 Inch Cinema “French number” (Birmingham, UK)
  • 11 / 2004 the Metrosoul movie, Bradford Animation Festival – “panorama” programme
  • 09 / 2004 the Metrosoul movie, Onedotzero_fr, Institut Français (London)
  • 06 / 2004 the Metrosoul movie, Onedotzero08, ICA (London) + international touring – “graphic cities” programme

Collective exhibitions

  • 08 / 2010 Translocated: preview, The Alleyway (London)
  • 07 / 2010 Rifrazioni International Festival of Contemporary Art, Anzio e Nettuno (Lazio, Italy)
  • 06 / 2010 I’m With You, Clapton Gardens, London
  • 02 / 2010 Kinetica Art Fair, P3, London
  • 03 / 2009 Liminal, Iniva, London
  • 04 / 2007 Mapping, Bury Art Gallery (Greater Manchester)
  • 01 / 2007 Sense Detectives, Watermans Art Centre (London)
  • 03 / 2006 Accrochage 50, Espace Eugène Beaudouin (Antony, France)
  • 12 / 2004 Monaco Dance Forum 2004 (Monte-Carlo, MC)
  • 03 / 2003 Regards sur la danse, Ars Longa gallery (Paris, France)
  • 02 / 2002 Regards sur la danse, Espace Schlumberger (Paris)
  • 12 / 2002 Regards sur la danse, Centre d´Animation Saint-Michel (Paris, France)


  • June 2010 Architecture Bingo, London Festival of Architecture, Museum of London, London;
  • May 2009 Creating zines with Textpattern, Takeaway festival workshops, Dana Centre, London;
  • May 2009 Procedural animation, lecture + workshop, Birmingham City University;
  • Jan 2005 Sound / Vision / Motion, talk on synaesthesia in multimedia art and experimental film, Canterbury Christ Church University College (Kent, UK).


  • 2006-2007 PG Cert. Teaching and Learning support, Thames Valley University (London, UK);
  • 2004-2006 MA Computer Arts, Thames Valley University;
  • 2002-2004 BA (hons) Visual Communication option Time-Based Media, University of Central England (Birmingham, UK);
  • 1999-2002 BTS design produit, Art & Design foundation, ENSAAMA / Olivier de Serres (Paris, France);
  • 1996-1999 Baccalaureate Science specialist with honours, Lycée Auguste Renoir (Limoges, France)