Translocated · Aug 2010

online platform

Translocated is a platform for reflection and artistic practices revolving around the nature of urban space as places of encounter, imagination and agency, examining the complex inter-relationships formed between people, buildings and space through shared memory and experience.

Destinations Inérieures

Inward destinations · Jul 2010

digital map

The map of Inward Destinations has been created in-residence, both as response to the site of Nettuno (a seaside town in Italy), and as an introspective effort to organise memories and affects into a personal geography of imaginary destinations.

Coil the Zero

Dark Light · Apr 2010

midi-controlled software

Dark Light is a synth developed for AudioResponseSystems, a live animation project enabling enabling sound-reactive visuals to be generated on the fly in response to an audio source, in real-time. Dark Light is inspired by deconstructed geometry and architecture, fractured shapes and angles of shattered surfaces.

Brighton Mbira

Brighton Mbira · Jan 2010

video PAL colours, 2 min 20 sec

Brighton seafront, a hot summer afternoon.
The beach, the people passing, and the sound of Mbira. The movements of passers-by and the sound of the instrument blend together to the mesmerising rhythm of the music.

Dust & Pixels

Dust & Pixels · Dec 2009

midi-controlled software

a ‘live animation’ research project concerned with the relations between sound, space, speed, rhythm and movement, enabling sound-reactive visuals to be generated on the fly in response to an audio source, in real-time. D&P has been inspired by my experience of traveling: rhythm, patterns, repetitions, dynamism from the real world.

Visual Silence

Visual Silence · Aug 2009

responsive audiovisual installation

Visual Silence is a video installation that is responsive to the ambiant noise surrounding it; the spectators’ sounds and movements are picked up, digitised, and split up into frequency bands that are visualised as an array of horizontal lines.

Paysage Fer

Paysage Fer · Dec 2008

video HD 1080p, 4 min 55 sec

Paysage Fer “Ferro Scape“ is an experimental motion-graphics piece on the themes of train travel and the railway environment, observed through the industrial landscape and the musicality that are associated with them.

Frozen Music

Frozen Music · Aug 2008

audiovisual performance, 1h

Frozen Music is an audiovisual performance project that sets out to re-enact the emotions brought about by travel and tell the story of a physical and symbolic journey into an imaginary metropolis.

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