Translocated · Aug 2010

online platform

Translocated is a platform for reflection and artistic practices revolving around the nature of urban space as places of encounter, imagination and agency, examining the complex inter-relationships formed between people, buildings and space through shared memory and experience.

Frozen Music

Frozen Music · Aug 2008

audiovisual performance, 1h

Frozen Music is an audiovisual performance project that sets out to re-enact the emotions brought about by travel and tell the story of a physical and symbolic journey into an imaginary metropolis.

Anatomy of a City

Anatomy of a City · Mar 2008

series of 7 vector drawings, variable sizes.

This project consists in a series of maps retracing and diseccating selected formal features of metropolitan networks, in a 4-part work: ‘Flâner’ presents the hydrographic networks, ‘Arriver / Partir’ deals with entry points and channels that are railways and runways, ‘Typonymie’ lists all the placenames.

Soft City

Soft City · Feb 2008

video HD 720p colours, 4 min 07 sec

Soft City is an experimental short-film which depicts the city and urban networks as a biological embodiment and extension of the human body; Inspired by Jonathan Raban’s novel, Soft City blurs the boundaries between urban and organic tissues, and proposes a vision of the city as a fragile anthropomorphic landscape. During the film, a city metamorphoses progressively into a mixture of systems, networks, tissues, forming a body: This body is itself inhabiting the urban space of which it is made.