Destinations Inérieures

Inward destinations · Jul 2010

digital map

The map of Inward Destinations has been created in-residence, both as response to the site of Nettuno (a seaside town in Italy), and as an introspective effort to organise memories and affects into a personal geography of imaginary destinations.

Brighton Mbira

Brighton Mbira · Jan 2010

video PAL colours, 2 min 20 sec

Brighton seafront, a hot summer afternoon.
The beach, the people passing, and the sound of Mbira. The movements of passers-by and the sound of the instrument blend together to the mesmerising rhythm of the music.

Memory / Territory

Memory / Territory · Jun 2006

interactive Shockwave 3D environment

Memory / Territory is an ongoing artistic proposition dealing with introspection, mental depiction of places and diagrammatic representations of geographical memory.
The project draws on a self-exploration of cognitive-mapping and psycho-geography to create an interactive 3D virtual environment where users explore narratives bound to places and re-construct stories by travelling from location to location.

RUA Jean Zay C99-02

RUA Jean Zay C99-02 · Aug 2005

video PAL colours and b&w, 4 min 20 sec

RUA Jean Zay C99-02 is an experimental film about memories of distant or bygone places – about memory of architectural space and the imaginary drawn from it.
It is both a commemorative film, haunted by the history of the Jean Zay campus, and introspective, driven by my experience and my personal memory of that place.


Memory-Map · May 2005

digital print, 118 x 84 cm

Memory-Map is a work about representations of time and place through memory, leading to the formulation of a psycho-topological chart putting in relation inspiring places, events and affects.