Coil the Zero

Dark Light · Apr 2010

midi-controlled software

Dark Light is a synth developed for AudioResponseSystems, a live animation project enabling enabling sound-reactive visuals to be generated on the fly in response to an audio source, in real-time. Dark Light is inspired by deconstructed geometry and architecture, fractured shapes and angles of shattered surfaces.

Brighton Mbira

Brighton Mbira · Jan 2010

video PAL colours, 2 min 20 sec

Brighton seafront, a hot summer afternoon.
The beach, the people passing, and the sound of Mbira. The movements of passers-by and the sound of the instrument blend together to the mesmerising rhythm of the music.

Dust & Pixels

Dust & Pixels · Dec 2009

midi-controlled software

a ‘live animation’ research project concerned with the relations between sound, space, speed, rhythm and movement, enabling sound-reactive visuals to be generated on the fly in response to an audio source, in real-time. D&P has been inspired by my experience of traveling: rhythm, patterns, repetitions, dynamism from the real world.

Visual Silence

Visual Silence · Aug 2009

responsive audiovisual installation

Visual Silence is a video installation that is responsive to the ambiant noise surrounding it; the spectators’ sounds and movements are picked up, digitised, and split up into frequency bands that are visualised as an array of horizontal lines.

Paysage Fer

Paysage Fer · Dec 2008

video HD 1080p, 4 min 55 sec

Paysage Fer “Ferro Scape“ is an experimental motion-graphics piece on the themes of train travel and the railway environment, observed through the industrial landscape and the musicality that are associated with them.


Synchromy · Jan 2007

responsive audiovisual installation

Synchromy is an interactive video installation relying on motion tracking technology to place the spectator at the heart of a creative process: like an interactive Supremacist painting that would react to the quality of motion expressed by spectators, Synchromy adapts its own visual dynamics to the bodily rhythm showed by the audience, who develops in real-time a pictorial work of which they can start to understand the sense and own it by becoming progressively more conscious of their gestures in front of the work, and thus explore new sorts of reaction between motion and image.

Travel Patterns

Travel Patterns · Jan 2005

video PAL colours, 3 min 55 sec

A virtual trip re-created and closely allied to an instrumental soundtrack. Through a subtle blend of 3d animation, video loops and photomontages, this short film attempts to reveal the mesmerising properties of displacement, of architecture and landscapes in motion, matching sensations of speed with that of the music.

Regards sur la danse

Regards sur la danse · Dec 2004

video PAL colours, 2 min 05 sec

“Regards sur la danse” is a collective project born in 2002 in south Paris student halls, featuring a series of multimedia exhibitions about multiculturalism through dance acts.
My contribution to these events resulted in the making of a short film-tribute about hip-hop culture in Jean Zay campus, where hundreds of students come and go every year, sometimes living in difficult conditions. Progressively, weekly dance workshops have been set up spontaneously by the students themselves both to enhance the cultural life of the place and to confront drug and crime issues. Three years on, the association “Technik 2H” runs hip-hop gatherings in the halls and in Antony, promoting openness and tolerance values.

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