Translocated · Aug 2010

online platform

Translocated is a platform for reflection and artistic practices revolving around the nature of urban space as places of encounter, imagination and agency, examining the complex inter-relationships formed between people, buildings and space through shared memory and experience.

Paysage Fer

Paysage Fer · Dec 2008

video HD 1080p, 4 min 55 sec

Paysage Fer “Ferro Scape“ is an experimental motion-graphics piece on the themes of train travel and the railway environment, observed through the industrial landscape and the musicality that are associated with them.

Frozen Music

Frozen Music · Aug 2008

audiovisual performance, 1h

Frozen Music is an audiovisual performance project that sets out to re-enact the emotions brought about by travel and tell the story of a physical and symbolic journey into an imaginary metropolis.

Soft City

Soft City · Feb 2008

video HD 720p colours, 4 min 07 sec

Soft City is an experimental short-film which depicts the city and urban networks as a biological embodiment and extension of the human body; Inspired by Jonathan Raban’s novel, Soft City blurs the boundaries between urban and organic tissues, and proposes a vision of the city as a fragile anthropomorphic landscape. During the film, a city metamorphoses progressively into a mixture of systems, networks, tissues, forming a body: This body is itself inhabiting the urban space of which it is made.

Memory / Territory

Memory / Territory · Jun 2006

interactive Shockwave 3D environment

Memory / Territory is an ongoing artistic proposition dealing with introspection, mental depiction of places and diagrammatic representations of geographical memory.
The project draws on a self-exploration of cognitive-mapping and psycho-geography to create an interactive 3D virtual environment where users explore narratives bound to places and re-construct stories by travelling from location to location.

Travel Patterns

Travel Patterns · Jan 2005

video PAL colours, 3 min 55 sec

A virtual trip re-created and closely allied to an instrumental soundtrack. Through a subtle blend of 3d animation, video loops and photomontages, this short film attempts to reveal the mesmerising properties of displacement, of architecture and landscapes in motion, matching sensations of speed with that of the music.

the Metrosoul movie

the Metrosoul movie · Feb 2004

video PAL colours, 2 min 30 sec

Nu-jazz and motion-graphics from Birmingham; this 3D animated film describes an imaginary journey inspired by my own experience of landscapes and the discovery of cities.
The animation is driven by a soundtrack by Sight the Light, a collective who runs the Metrosoul events at the Rainbow pub in Digbeth (Birmingham) every fortnight. The Metrosoul movie has been featured in Onedotzero08´s programme ’graphic cities’, ICA London 2004 and Bradford Animation Festival 2004].