The map of Inward Destinations has been created in-residence, both as response to the site of Nettuno (a seaside town in Italy), and as an introspective effort to organise memories and affects into a personal geography of imaginary destinations.

“True places are places that only exist in our mind.”

As we journey on what Dante called “our life’s way”, we are all creating private maps and organising experiences and memories along highly personal geographies. In return, maps invite travel, they inspire journeys. Each place-name is a prompt for a story. We each project our inner-self into this fictional territory of possibilities. Each crossroad offers a multitude of departure points for the unknown, for the unseen, for the untold desires.
The map of Inward destinations summons the spectator to accommodate and project their own experiences onto it, and conform it to their reality.

Making use of the coast-line and street layout of Anzio and Nettuno, the physical geography of those towns is distorted in the shape of an island – the only possible destination being inwards, thus echoing the seaside location of the town and its position as terminal station on the railway to Rome. The central toponymy appears to be names of persons (all feminine), linked in the way of constellations, while two distinct rail lines reproduce the journey from London to Nettuno, both on a real and imaginary level.

Nettuno’s railway station is the natural setting for this kind of work: by essence a place of transit, often overlooked and dismissed by its daily users, it is the embodiment of the everyday, where micro-stories happen and paths of life weave into each other. As the traveller sets on a journey, they operate creative constructions and fabricate new realities, filling the gaps between stations, finishing the story while writing their own.

This project was realised during the Rifrazioni festival and residence.




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